I’m starting a digital project

I’m starting a digital project

Can you help?

Yes! We’re funded to provide support to you on your digital project. We can connect you to other people working on similar projects; connect you to other work that’s related - whether it’s existing data and insight, existing tools and digital products, or help you use best practice design approaches. We can also provide 1:1 direct support and advice (potentially even helping you deliver your work).

Sounds to good to be true? Or at least, sounds to good to be free?

Well, it is free to you - but it isn’t free. We’re funded by the founding funders of Catalyst and Fidelity UK Foundation to provide this support. Why - because we know budgets in our sector are tight; that digital work can be tricky - but also that there’s often duplication across the sector. Reviewing one funder’s portfolio revealed over 50% of the grants could have been aligned to save money and increase the quality of the outputs (and the outcomes). We’re in a position to use the experience and expertise of CAST, Dev Society and the incredible Catalyst network to provide support to help you achieve your charity’s goals, but also to ensure we have greater collective impact.

What should I do next?

You can share your project idea (perhaps an application you’ve drafted or submitted to a funder) and we’ll get back to you - or you can contact us to arrange a call or informal chat.

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