Space for Reuse

Get help to make the most of ethical and sector owned technology to deliver digital projects that work for you and your community

The team at charity CAST and non-profit CO-OP Dev Society are here to help you successfully deliver your digital project (yes, it’s free for you!)

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I’m starting a digital project
I’m starting a digital project
I’m thinking of funding/supporting a digital project
I’m thinking of funding/supporting a digital project
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👨‍💻 What is reuse? ↓ ↓

Reuse is where one organisation uses a tool, service, process, asset or standard (or something else) developed by another organisation. We’re particularly championing reuse of elements that are ethically produced and sector-owned. Where we can align reuse, we save money individually and collectively; speed up social innovation and can create better impact

However, whilst the objectives and benefits of reusing ethical and sector-owned tech/assets are widely accepted, the extra work in doing so often isn’t covered by existing incentives and programme structures.

The ‘Space for Reuse’ aims to solve this by providing direct support to civil society organisations, including funders and charities, to reuse best-in-class ethical technology and sector-developed research, insight and assets, and, to support them to contribute towards shared this collective ambition.


It’s led by the charity CAST and nonprofit coop Dev Society as part of the Catalyst network and funded by the Catalyst Founding Funders and Fidelity UK Foundation.

🎯 What support can I get?

Talk to us, or share your project idea (perhaps an application to a funder) - we’ll initially provide advice about how to best achieve your aims. We can provide support covering the following areas:


Research support
  • Link to insight and data from other charities
  • Design Assets


Design support
  • Mentoring and support


Tools and code support
  • Expert advice on suitable tools/services
  • Review your requirements and make recommendations
  • Access to existing tools and resources


Connections support
  • Peers working on similar approaches
  • Mentors, coaches and events

📎 Reuse examples?

We champion the reuse of existing ethical and sector-owned technology - that means building on the work of other charities and non-profits. We do this as reuse can speed up digital work, reduce the cost of delivery and ensure we use best-in-class tools to support our communities.
We’re doing this as part of our contribution to Catalyst, and are able to do it thanks to the Catalyst founding funders and Fidelity UK Foundation.

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I’m starting a digital project

I’m thinking of funding a digital project


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