I’m thinking of funding/supporting a digital project

I’m thinking of funding/supporting a digital project

Great news! We’ve got three ways where we can help you.

Help me with this one application

We’re ready to give you some support as you make sense, and assess, applications. We’ve funded and supported thousands of digital projects so can help you understand the feasibility of the approach, the potential costs and how it relates to other projects/existing work that could be reused. It’s that last point where we think the projects you support can develop more quickly and build on solid work. Whether you want to contact us directly, or you want to direct applicants to us - please contact: reuse@wearecast.org.uk

Help me with a set of applications

We’re ready for this too. It may be that we can support applicants through workshops or 1:1s before they apply; it may be we can support you as you make sense of a whole set of applications. Either way, we’re in a position to use our time and experience to support you to make informed decisions about digital projects and to highlight where the projects can align with or build on other work - please contact: reuse@wearecast.org.uk and we’ll arrange to talk more about this.

Is there potential for reuse in the sorts of work we fund?

We recently reviewed 100 grants made by a foundation and found over 50 (52 to be exact) opportunities for reuse - where there’s great opportunity for aligned working, reuse or shared investment.
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The opportunities were a mixture of reusing existing digital services, tools or code; reusing learning from Catalyst programmes; reusing tested processes for developing specific interventions; opportunities for joint/aligned funding, and opportunities for peer learning.
If you’re happy to share your grant applications with us, we can do similar analysis to help highlight what reuse potential there is in the sorts of work you’re supporting. We can discuss GDPR/data sharing etc to enable this to happen.
For more information or to discuss this, please contact: reuse@wearecast.org.uk